Lucky Run Race Recap

On Saturday, I was silly and ran a half marathon that I had signed up for months in advance without doing much running. At race packet pickup, I asked the staff what should I do if I decide I want to switch to the 7 miler during the race because I know myself and I am stubborn and won’t decide until I’m actually running. Sure I was not starting from ground zero in terms of fitness, since I do kickboxing and spin on a regular basis, but omgosh I did not train for this race! I did carboload though, big time ;).

I woke up on race day morning and hoped for the best. Getting to the race was a breeze; I LOVE the local Davis races. Easy transport, good crowd, flat course, pretty medals. Let’s be real, the whole reason I signed up for this race was I saw the medal was sparkly and I sort of LIVE for sparkles. I was sold.

FullSizeRender (6)

Before I knew it, the race started and we were off! My phone was not cooperating though, it kept somehow kept switching to shuffle and would change songs about 10 seconds in, so that wasn’t very much fun. Luckily, it finally stopped shuffling the tunes and I could ease back and run. I managed to find the 1:50 pacers about a mile in. The pace groups are another amazing thing about the Davis races because if you stick with them you don’t even have to worry about your speed, yes! I told myself to stay with these runners and check in with myself on mile 10 and see if I needed to slow down or speed up. I spotted a boy around 10 years old speeding ahead of me…only in Davis would you see a kid running a half! Kuddos to this one because you would not have caught me running more than the mandatory mile run in gym class when I was 10. There was also a cat that joined us on the racecourse for about 0.5 seconds before deciding laying on the sidewalk was a better option.

Despite my nerves in the morning, I ended up surprisingly feeling great on my run. The weather was gorgeous, temperature perfect, and the pacers kept me going. Mile 10 snuck up and I was still feeling pretty good, so I told myself it was time to speed up a bit for the remaining 5k. Then, the muscles cramps started kicking in. I focused on my breath and that helped direct my attention away from the on-coming soreness. Miles 11 and 12 were not super fun, but I feel like that always happens when you know you’re so close and start getting antsy to finish.

Then, the park where we started was in sight and I used up every ounce of energy in me to bring myself to the finish line. Relief passed over me and I definitely had that runner’s high as I crossed the finish line. I stuck around a couple minutes to wait for the pacers to finish, so I could thank them for powering me through the race. The race results were live, so I checked and realized I ran a 1:48 race, wow! That felt pretty darn good. After, I took my mandatory “I need to put this picture of me in my sweat, grime, and boogers on social media so I can let everyone know I just ran a half marathon” and headed home to shower.

Two pictures were taken-this was the better one. I accidentally put the other one on social media...
My phone was very sweaty. And full of boogers. I had a lot of booger action going on during this run.

Not bad for a Saturday morning :).



Sooo I guess I’m starting my own blog. Since I like to talk a lot, I figured now’s a good time to let the little voice in my head ramble on for a bit. Maybe I’ll learn to think before I speak…maybe ;).

Anyways, I should be doing school work right now, but here I am. Now that we established that, here is a photo from a race I ran Saturday night!

photo (1)
Look at those squinty eyes! Probably just trying to see through the eye sweat.

I’m supposed to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday, so I’m hoping this 10K prepared me. My plan for this week is to consume giant bowls of pasta. That’s how you train for a race, right? ;).