Welcome to PhDEATS!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the Internet! My name is Debbie (hiii Debbie) and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Nutritional Biology at UC Davis. I also like food and running around a whole lot. I’m definitely one of those people who live to eat!


I’m glad you somehow stumbled onto this page from the vast abysses of the Internet. Oh wait, it was an accident? Come take a look around before you head back over to Buzzfeed. I talk a lot about how awesome food is and sometimes I run around.

As long as I can remember I was always fascinated with food and the choices we make when it comes to our diet. As I grew older, I worked a lot with kids and became interested in health prevention and the ability for good nutrition to improve health. Together, these two passions of mine merged and it was then that I knew what I wanted to do: make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

My passion lies with nutrition education and I aim to use my degree to create nutrition programs to teach about the tools for living a healthy lifestyle and make eating and physical activity enjoyable experiences. My research focuses on how we can use technology to enhance nutrition programs. You can read more about how much I love the UC Davis Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology here.

I decided to create this little space on the Internet to write about hot topics in nutrition, balancing (mostly) healthy living with graduate school, document races (maybe I’ll finally stick to a training plan), and add little tidbits about life as a perpetual student.

If you’re new around here, check out this page for some of my favorite posts. I also write the blog series, WTF Wednesday, where I break down current nutrition research and debunk misleading nutrition trends.


As for the blog name, the “phd” refers to being a PhD student, the “eats” is because, well, I eat a lot. When you put the two together, you get “DEATS,” which is short for “details,” so I’ll be dishing (haha) out all the details!

Make yourself at home and take a look around! I’ll get you a cup of coffee.



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  1. Hey there Debbie!

    I’m K&L from The Millionaire’s Digest and I recently received your request to join our Millionaire’s Digest team. Anyway, this is to let you know that I’ve reviewed your request and have accepted it. I’ve sent you an invitation to your email. Thank you, and I can’t wait to see you have to bring to our thousands of readers!!


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