What’s in a pound…or two?

The first day of June officially brings in the ambush of “bikini body ready” headlines and promises of achieving that “flat stomach” by adhering to “so-and-so exercise routine” for only 2 weeks!

I’m going to stop you right there. Abiding by a strict diet and exercise routine can be, well, stifling. Especially in the summer months filled with barbecues and travel. What’s really in a pound (or two)?

A pound can represent attending your dear friend’s graduation party where you spent quality time with your friends while sipping on a beer (or two).


A pound can mean you traveled and your usual exercise routine went out the window. Instead, you walked (in leu of boot camp and spin class) and allowed yourself to try new foods and delicacies you rarely eat back home.

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A pound may mean you took the night off and watched some good ol’ reality TV with friends (and wine and cheese) while catching up and laughing at the ridiculousness of the show (yes, I’m talking about you, Bachelor franchise).

A pound could mean your mind went worry-free for an event and you chose foods you truly wanted to eat and you enjoyed every last bite.

An additional pound, or two, won’t kill you. It won’t be the end all to the hard work you put into living a healthy lifestyle. In fact, most people’s weight fluctuates between 1-3 pounds, on occasion. An afternoon of indulging won’t cause you to gain 10 pounds. True, you may gain a little bit of weight and feel bloated, but the effects from this one indulgence won’t last.

Acknowledge the indulgence and move on. If a pound (or two) means bonding with people, laughing so hard your stomach hurts, and cultivating memories you will cherish for many years, then it’s worth it. Life is about experiences and cherishing time spent with your loved ones. There’ll be many opportunities to turn down cake, but less graduation parties to attend and chances to travel abroad.

Seize these moments to create memories. You’ll have the chance to move a little more and eat a bit more vegetables later.