A New Beginning.

This past week marked the academic end of my third year as a doctoral student and official transition into my fourth year.


Truthfully, this past year was hard. It was hard on myself, physically and mentally, which led to it being hard on others in my life. I certainly wasn’t the most enjoyable version of myself during this stressful period. It’s something I mustΒ work on.

Being a PhD student is filled with many ups and downs. As my professor says, “if it was easy, anyone would do it.” Currently, I am on a much-needed vacation Β and already feel like so much weight has been lifted. I wasn’t on my computerΒ for an entire day and it was blissful.

I plan for this vacation period to serve as a reflection period for how to move forward in more productive ways rather than letting the stress turn me into an ugly stress monster. It’s stressful stressing about stress….am I right? πŸ˜‰ It’s just not worth it.

Although this past year had some low points with research not going the way I anticipated, it was filled with many learning opportunities. I certainly learned many lessons in conducting research and will take them with me moving forward into the next project. Sometimes I feel stuck, but I need to remind myself I am growing and I don’t know everything and never will. Sometimes things are just out of our control and that’s okay. We just need to re-group and move on to get out of the mud. I am thankful for the people around me that taught me this.


I want to reignite my passion for nutrition, starting with this space. I aim to have a consistent posting schedule filled with summaries and commentaries on current nutrition research topics. I want to share more quickΒ and easy healthy meals/snacks to show healthy living is possible, even in the throes of graduate school. I also want to beΒ honest and let others know you are not alone when you feel overwhelmed in school and work. These periods pass. It’s only when they’re gone that we’re able to appreciate them for what they’ve taught us and how strong we really are to make it through. I hope you stick around for this journey.


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