The Work Will Always Be There.



The past few weeks have been especially draining. Every minute seemed to be assigned to complete some sort of task. The work just never ended. I spent the entire past weekend in the lab and only left to go home to sleep. But the sleep was restless because the dreams were about the work. I hit my breaking point.

The work will always be there. There will always be something to do and if there isn’t, you will find something to work on. We are driven to perform and accomplish. But we need balance. We need nights off to watch reality TV with good friends and hot cups of chamomile tea. We need that time to prepare healthy food to nourish our bodies. We need time away from the screen and a chance to explore nature. We need to get lost in a good book. We need to make time to live.


The work will always be there, but the world is rapidly changing. We need to make the time to see the places, the people, the things. Sometimes I need a reminder, and maybe sometimes you do too.