Sometimes “healthy” doesn’t happen, and that’s okay.

Some days fruits and vegetables are non-existent and all we want is a buttery pastry. That’s okay too. Life is about experiencing the world and food is quite the way to experience! This year, I’ve been able to spend time traveling and my favorite way to explore a new place is through my stomach. Hence, delicious food was consumed, but the healthiest choices were not always made.


However, life is also about balance. Lots of walking and hiking was done on these travels and some nutritious food was eaten.

Walking around nyc...from food place 1 to food place 2.
Walking around NYC…from food place 1 to food place 2.
Happy hikers.
Happy hikers, happy selfie-stick :).

It’s important to take advantage of opportunities to discover new places and not focus on eating healthy all the time. Rather, let yourself have a decadent sweet in a new city, especially if the treat comes highly recommended! Being healthy includes the occasional indulgences and letting yourself enjoy them. Drink wine! Eat cake! There are plenty of fruits, veggies, and whole grains to eat later. The special chocolate hazelnut tarte only makes its way on your plate once in a blue moon.

This was gone in 2 seconds flat.