Making Time

As a graduate student, I often find myself running around (literally, I am always sweating) trying to juggle different obligations and tasks throughout the day. It’s tough to find “me” time, let alone find time to squeeze in workouts and cook. Luckily, a few nifty tricks help out along the way:

1. Write your life down


I would be nothing without my handy planner! I write down every appointment and task by the hour into this baby. This way, I’m able to have a visual of when I’m going to be busy and when I have “free” time. Then, I can fill this “free” time with a fun workout class, meal prepping, or work. At the end of each week, I fill in the next week’s commitments.

2. Sweat it out


Once I know my “free” time, I can schedule my workouts. Working out is my favorite way to de-stress. It’s my time to forget about work for a little bit and do some good for the body and mind. I take advantage of my school’s group exercise program since I get super bored working out on my own and I love the variety of classes. At the beginning of each quarter, I print out the schedule and highlight the classes I enjoy that don’t conflict with class or meetings. Once I know my schedule for the week, I pick out about 3 classes and squeeze them in. The best part is these classes are like appointments I don’t want to miss.

3. Sunday meal prep


Or Monday, Tuesday, whenever. You get the point. Choosing one day a week to prepare food for the week allows you to have nutritious food on hand for those days when you come home after a grueling day and just want to eat a box of crackers for dinner. I like to cook up salmon or chicken with veggies using olive oil and balsamic vinegar smothered with spices. I also make either quinoa, couscous, or whole-wheat pasta, hard-boil eggs for the week, and chop other veggies to have on-hand.

4. Treat yo self


It’s important (and more fun) to plan a little something, something to help get yourself through the week. Whether it’s a leisurely walk, happy hour after your 4pm Friday class ends, or a cozy coffee study date over the weekend-that’s the stuff that’s good for the soul.

Feel free to read more about healthy tips and tricks on the American Society for Nutrition’s blog here.


What is the best way to treat yo self?

Wine, cheese, crackers. In that order.

What is your go-to way to make time for health?





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